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Keeping up to date

This page explains how to keep up to date with the latest project changes.


To update your copy of the repository to the latest revision, run the following command at the root of the repository:

git pull --rebase origin master

Occasionally (or if you're updating project tools) you'll also need to update the submodules:

git submodule update --init --recursive

Project tools

Update the repository, then run the following command to update project tools such as the match checker (tools/check) and the uploader (tools/decompme):


In some cases you may need to update your Rust toolchain before you can rebuild tools. If you're using rustup, this can be done by running rustup update.

IDA database or Ghidra project

Newly added function names and type definitions can be imported into an existing IDA database or Ghidra project by updating the repository and then following the instructions here.

Note that there is currently no automated tooling to import only the types that have changed.

Need help?

Ask for help on the Zelda Decompilation Discord server in the #botw-decomp channel.